#1 Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security Reviews

Frontpoint SecurityFrontPoint Security is a home security system that has partnered with General Electric (GE) to keep their customers safe and secure in their own homes. GE builds some of the best home security equipment available, so this partnership greatly benefits the consumer. Frontpoint weighs all of the options when it comes to home security and they offer the consumer flexibility in plan pricing and equipment selection.

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#2 Protect America

Protect America Reviews

Protect AmericaProtect America offers reliable home security systems that can help you and your family protect your home and valuables. The company strives to make the buying and installation process for customers as easy as possible. Since 1999, this company has grown at an amazing rate because they offer excellent products, services and customer support. Today they are one of the top home security companies for the year 2013, and continues to pursue excellence into 2014. It is Protect America’s goal to offer customers an affordable but full-featured alarm system and 24 hour monitoring 365 days a year. One of the most attractive features of a Protect America system is that the equipment is provided free of charge.
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#3 Vivint Security

Vivint Security Reviews

Vivint SecurityVivint provides customers with an intelligent and advanced experience when it comes to home security. Their approach to keeping their customers safe and sound in their homes is definitely unique and innovative. Vivint also features services to help you save on your energy bills. Like other home security providers, Vivint offers 24/7 monitoring for house fires, an intruder break in, and other environmental hazards. Out of all of the home security companies out there in today’s market, Vivint stands out as being the most unique.

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#4 ADT Security

ADT Security Reviews

ADT SecurityADT has been in the business of home security for nearly 140 years. Because the needs of each home security system user can vary greatly, ADT focuses on providing a wide variety of products and services to their customers as well as offering 24/7 monitoring to customers all over the USA. ADT is arguably the most recognizable home security system. When people see an ADT sign on your property or a sticker in your window, they will know that you have invested in one of the largest players in the home security game. There is a reason that ADT has been around for over 100 years and that is excellent customer service.

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#5 LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch Security Review

LiveWatch SecurityFor 13 years and running LiveWatch has protected over 200,000 families from intruders in every state in the nation. Stationed in their headquarters in St. Marys, Kansas and their offices in Evanston, Illinois, this company provides security by updating industry standards through adapting and adopting modern networking technology. Layers of fail-safes and advanced monitoring keeps you in control with LiveWatch watching your back.

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Why Homeowners Opt For Attic Conversions

Why Homeowners Opt For Attic Conversions

Why Homeowners Opt For Attic Conversions

As of now, more and more homeowners are looking for ways on how to make their homes more appealing and functional. And, one of the most common options is attic conversions.

Attic or loft conversion is a process where homeowners transform an empty attic space or loft into a functional room, typically used as a bedroom, office space, a gym, or storage space. Many homeowners prefer such solutions since it can provide numerous features. Below are some of the following.

To improve living space easily

One of the main reasons why homeowners plan for attic conversions is to improve their living space easily. Of course, there are cases when homeowners need to have an extra space for a new member of the family. However, creating such space can be stressful most especially if you do not have sufficient property space. Luckily, opting for attic conversions can be a good option. With this, you do not need to huge properties to create a new living space.

To avoid substantial improvement costs

The next reason why homeowners opt for attic conversions is to avoid substantial improvement costs. Home improvement projects are quite expensive. It gets even worse if you are planning to improve living space. Luckily, attic conversions are better options than building new establishments in your property. Apart from that, attic or loft conversions are easier to do than building, which can help you reduce your expenses significantly.

To create new means of income

Another reason why homeowners opt for attic or loft conversions is to gain new means of income. Renting out converted attics can be a good source of income. But, before planning for this venture, you need to make sure that you have sufficient space. Not to mention, you need to call in experts to assess your establishment first to ensure safety. And, you also need to call in experts to help you convert you attic. This is important to ensure that you can make attics functional and appealing.

To enhance house value

Finally, attic conversions can also help homeowners increase the value of their house. Surely, having gardens and lawns can increase value. But, homeowner can also increase the value of their property by enhancing home aesthetics and functionality. Homeowner must provide one or more fixed heaters that can directly heat the main living room to a maintained temperatureIf you’re living in the snowy woods, the addition of a heater you can be comfortable in the coldest of temperatures. Heaters will keep you toasty and cover a wide range of needs. Here are camping heater info that tell you how to heat your tent safely. In addition, attic conversions also help homeowners enjoy better views of their street and community.

These are only some of the benefits homeowners can enjoy by opting for attic conversions from reliable service providers.

AtticGroup is a company that offers the best solutions in improving your attic. The company also has skilled experts who can provide you with the best designs and services that can match your needs.

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A Checklist for Acoustics in Class

A Checklist for Acoustics in Class

A Checklist for Acoustics in Class

A Checklist for Acoustics in Class

Finding the reasons why children are having issues with learning at a basic level can be a tough experience for parents and guardians. It is imperative for parents and guardians to pay adequate attention to the environment which accommodates the classroom where their children are being taught. Research has shown that a significant percentage of the number of the children might have their learning experience hampered by extreme noise and reverberation. As a parent, you need to take necessary steps to know if the classroom in which your child is being taught needs acoustical remediation. If the issue of reverberation and extreme noise are not adequately put in check, it could cause educational failure and delay in children.

Problem of Reverberation

Reverberation remains one of the problems that could make the learning process a terrible experience for kids. Once a room is reverberant, it lacks the capacity to absorb sound, and this will not allow the children to hear and grasp the content of the tutorials given by their teacher. When there is a case of extreme reverberation, it will be hard for the students to understand what they are taught. The good news about reverberation is that it can be dealt with. There are several hints that you should look out for when you want to know if reverberation is the main issue. These tips may include;

• Painted tiles in the classroom

• The ceilings of the classroom are above ten feet

• The classroom is comprised of a solid ceiling that is bereft of acoustical ceiling tiles

Check for Background Noise

Causes of background noise are as follows; adjacent land uses, conducts in adjoining rooms and HVAC equipment. Getting to the root causes of background noise will need the expertise of a professional acoustical consultant. You can perform the following series of tests in a vacant classroom:

1.1. Switching off HVAC

The first step to having an understanding of the classroom environment is by requesting the teacher or instructor to turn off heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment for crucial lessons. It should be noted that equipment that makes more noise than a gaudy whisper might change the way a consonant sounds to children.

1.2. Check for Outdoor Noise in the form Of Automobile Traffic

Constant occurrence of noise will hamper the speech clarity in the teaching space as well as disrupt the purpose of learning.

1.3. Check for Sounds in Adjoining Spaces

This method works better when you have all the HVAC gear turned off. Once you are hearing the sounds from adjacent spaces or rooms or movements of activities in other rooms situated within the same environment, there is a likelihood that the classroom is not entirely insulated against diffusion of noise. It has been proven that when there is abnormal noise level at the background, the teachers or instructors will be forced to increase the tempo of their speeches. Moreover, here is another technique which entails the utilisation of all the HVAC and lighting apparatus in full operation. Check for the place that has the highest volume of noise in the classroom, shut your eyes as this will not allow you to read the lips of the teacher and pay attention to how the teacher mumbles few words that share the same sounds from a close distance. If you realise that you have issues getting the phrase correctly, it is most likely that the classroom requires acoustic resurgence.

You can exploit a device called a sound-level meter to check background noise. Ensure the sound meter is of durable quality that can provide analyses lower than thirty-five decibels. Make sure you carry out tests in classrooms to discover the sources of noises. Once a classroom is with a vacant background sound intensity that is above 35 decibels, such a classroom doesn’t have the capacity to offer the speech lucidness young kids require for language reading and acquisition.

Have a chat with an acoustical specialist and have them thoroughly check on classrooms and other spaces to know the actual causes of awkward sounds. They will be able to suggest the appropriate measures that will help you get rid of any menacing sounds.

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The Role Of A Ventilation Expert

The Role Of A Ventilation Expert

The Role Of A Ventilation Expert

Proper ventilation of your home is a basic necessity in order to ensure that the indoor air that you breathe in is fresh and clean. When your home is well ventilated, your risks of contracting respiratory diseases will reduce and you will enjoy living in a healthy environment. Your under floor should also be well ventilated to get rid of the stale air and the dampness. Having the right sub floor ventilation will keep your under floor dry and this will contribute to the healthy environment of the entire home.

Ventilation Through The Use Of Fans

Fans are a tried and tested method of providing adequate ventilation to any part of the home. Insufficient ventilation in the under floor is caused when the number of vents available are too few. The vents may also be very small in size as compared to the design and size of the sub floor. The location of your home and any extensions on the building can affect the ventilation of your under floor. It is recommended that you use fans which will extract the damp air at least five times in every hour.

Consulting A Ventilation Expert

You should consult a ventilation expert who will assess your under floor. He will find out whether the dampness in the under floor is caused by a plumbing issue, a drainage problem or an aeration problem. He will also assess the location of the building and will find out how the geography of the area contributes to the dampness. He will also check how the type of soil and the design of the building affect the proper ventilation of the under floor. He will then prepare an assessment report which can be used to recommend a suitable sub floor ventilation system.

The Right Ventilation

The ventilation system that is installed should give you results within a short time and it should provide adequate ventilation to the under floor. It should also offer a long term solution so that you do not have to deal with a damp under floor anymore.

A good ventilation system should be silent and should have a warranty. The system can be installed as part of a whole house ventilation system or can be installed as a stand alone system. The system should also be customized for your specific ventilation needs so that it can be as effective as possible and so that it can offer you a solution that will last.

Advantages Of Adequate Ventilation

Once you have installed the right sub floor ventilation, you can be assured of having fresh and clean air circulation in your home. This will keep you from contracting respiratory complications which are linked to dampness and indoor pollution. Dust mites that cause itchy eyes and eczema will also not be present in your home.

Your home will be free from bad odors and you will be able to enjoy your time indoors. The foundation and supports of your home will be protected from damage which will save you from expensive repair and maintenance costs. Rats, cockroaches, termites and white ants which are all attracted to damp and damaged buildings will not be a part of your home.

Matt Reardon is a professional ventilation expert at Mould Buster. His years of experience handling ventilation for many homes across Australia place him in a good position to serve you when you need ventilation services.

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Kitchen Remodeling – Reducing Costs

One way to reduce costs on kitchen remodeling is to make a budget and stick to it but that is not always easy with the home inspection cost. It is possible that you budgeted too low on some things or you may have seen something that you like better for your kitchen but it was over your budget. Budget and planning are the two logical ways to cut the cost of kitchen remodeling. If you are hiring a home remodeling contractor get at least two or three estimates and request that they give you a breakdown of costs so you can see how your money will be spent. Some of the products that can run the cost of the project up are countertops, flooring, and cabinets. If you are purchasing these items instead of the contractor look for the best deals, which means that you may have to go to several home improvement stores. You can also substitute lower price items to help reduce your costs but do not settle for something that you do not like or would not look right in your newly remodeled kitchen just to save money.

Determine budget

Sit down, figure out all your monthly expenses, and see how much money you have left. Figure a portion of it toward your kitchen remodeling project. You can save this much money each month for several months until you have the amount that you want to spend on your project. Once the amount is set, stick to it. Draw out what you want from your Kitchen remodeler project and how your kitchen should look like after the remodeling, and make notes of what type of products you will need. If you would like stainless steel appliances, which are expensive, you may have to spend less on the flooring, countertops, and cabinets.

If you do not want to have a fixed budget, which makes it hard to add to if you have no extra funds to add to the budget. You should instead determine a budget range, which is many times more appropriate for a kitchen remodel. The reason this works better is that most projects are based on estimates and the actual costs can vary.

Most expensive items

The next step after figuring the budget is to determine what type of products you want to have in your finished kitchen remodeling project. The majority of the remodeling costs are usually taken up by countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Look for lower cost options that will not compromise your desired appearance of the kitchen. If you are using a home remodeling contractor, make sure that you ask what they charge for installation of these products. It is always better to have a rough idea beforehand through online searching for the items that you have in mind. See online shopping experience in Sri Lanka for best products. In addition to wisely selecting decorative items, it is equally important to keep your kitchen area clean and hygienic. For proper house cleaning services, read about Cleaning by Lorena, serving Parkland area.
Remember, draw out a plan of what you want your dream kitchen remodel to look like and figure the budget around it.

Your bedroom should be an oasis within your home Your bedroom is the room in your home where you go to rest, and relax, and recharge. But that can be difficult to do when there is a lot of clutter, clashing colors or unorganized items strewn all around you. Here are some Minimalist Bedroom on a Budget.

Better sleep, reduced anxiety, less stress, and better focus have all been linked to a more minimalist lifestyle.  What if you could create a minimalist bedroom ON A BUDGET and still accomplish all those things!

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Tips To Keep Your Family Safe At Home

Keeping Family SafeThe home is where the heart is, and don’t you want your home to be a safe place? A place where you complete your daily tasks, share family memories, and feel completely comfortable?

Keep your home as safe as it possibly can be with these wonderful tips:

  • Change Your Exterior Door Locks- As soon as you move into a new home change the exterior locks for the doors. The previous owners and their friends and family may have copies of the key, and you do not want just anyone to be able to come into your home. In addition, do not put your extra key under the mat or in a flowerpot. That is the first place to look when it comes to finding your key. Instead give it to a trusted neighbor or friend in case you forget or lose yours and consider these advices as customized gifts .
  • Test Your Home’s Exterior Lighting- Light your home to deter unwanted burglars and intruders. Floodlights by the entry doors are extremely intimidating. You can even put the lights on a timer so when it gets dark they can easily go off. When you leave for vacation, make sure that at least one light is on at all times. This way intruders will think that someone is home and will not try to break in.
  • Install A Comprehensive Security System- Security systems can protect you and your family from unwanted accidents. Fires, floods, carbon monoxide, and freezing water pipes do happen, but there is a chance that you can prevent them. Home Security systems will notify you via text message or email if something is wrong and monitoring systems will call the police for you.
  • Develop An Emergency Plan- Always have an excellent plan of attack. Talk to your family about an emergency plan of action. Discuss emergency exits, what to do if a burglar comes in, and how to deal with a kitchen fire. This will make things easier in case something does happen.

Think about some of these points to keep your home safe and protected. Just a few things to keep in mind: whatever you do, do not post that you are going on vacation on any social media platforms. Only tell the people that you trust. Make sure that you also have someone fetch the mail, keep the lights on, and check on the house from time to time. This will make it look like someone is home.