Home Security Tips for Renters

Home Security RentersAs a renter, you may not think that you have control in your home security. There is a sense of anxiety at not being able to choose what type of home security system that you have. You do not own the property as it is, so you really do not know who is coming in and out of your apartment. There are some safety precautions when it comes to living by yourself in a rented apartment. Below are some solutions to your worries. Speak to your landlord about these concerned before you sign any paperwork or agreements.

Change The Locks

It is a possibility that the previous renters, their family, and friends have a set of keys to the apartment. No matter what the reasons for these spare keys being given out, ensure that the landlord has changed all of the locks on the door. Also discuss the possibility of installing window locks on sliding glass doors. It does not matter if you are on the top floor of your building, you should absolutely have these locks. Burglars can enter your apartment through these doors in very strange ways and these locks can prevent this. Research online to look up the best deadbolts to ward off the unwanted guests.

Install An Alarm System

Wireless alarm systems are a great alternative if you do not want messy wires or holes in the walls. When you decide to move they are easy to take to your next home, absolutely idea for a renter. Discuss this possibility with your landlord first to make sure that this is okay and remember to look into what alarm system is right for you. Read our Frontpoint Security Reviews to learn more.

Utilize Video Cameras

When you first move into the apartment, you do not know who the other renters are, the building workers, their friends, etc. Wireless video cameras will allow you to watch who is coming in out of the building. You can place the cameras around and outside of the apartment. Get the footage sent to your cell phone, DVR, or your work computer so you can always keep track of your apartment activity. Looking for large quantities of gold coins, gold bullion? Here are the most amazing gold prospecting metal detectors.

Acquire Renter’s Insurance

Landlord insurance does not usually cover their renters property and belongings. You need insurance that will cover the price of your expensive things you do not want taken. The prices will differ depending on what you choose to insure. Compare the different types of coverage in terms of how much you can cover and what the prices are.

Moving a new home that you do not own can be nerve wracking, but it does not have to be. Consider these options when renting an apartment or home to keep yourself protected.

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